After easing somewhat , I saw that my language in this post was vulgar ( Not as vulgar as theirs , but still vulgar ) and so I decided to update the post . And now , I mention my experience with the forum named ( CEMB ) whose sole purpose is to attack Islam . The funny thing is that the most of that forum are Atheists , but we don’t find them talking about any faith but Islam ( With lies of course ) . And the reason is clear for everyone .


In the beginning , I had an argument ( I can’t really call it an argument ) with an extremely vulgar one named Aboody . He’s the most ill minded , unstable , ignorant person I have ever seen ( Actually , he’s the second , I met another one named Tdsomething and he was far more foul mothed than him ) . Everything he has is cursing and shouting and mocking and insulting . And through that he thinks that everyone hears him and non else . Just like a fly thinking that its sound is giving an earache to all the livings on Earth , or a dog barking to harm the clouds in sky . He told me that everyone there was a Muslim and then saw the “Light” . 5 minutes later , I told him that I once had doubts about my religion and that I wouldn’t leave it just because of some claims . Then he said that they got bored of such claims of “I once hated Islam but then embraced it” . Did not he just say “I once used to be a Muslim but then I saw the truth” ? Who is repeating the scenario now ? He kept mocking with a bunch of other sheep following his command . He called me a “Late bloomer” and a “Kid” and other things . And I really don’t see what is the problem if a person reaches puberty lately ( Not that this is my case ) or if he’s a kid .  And anyway , it just shows us that he has no amount of knowledge , so he does what he can , to repeat all the foul words he hears on the 18 rated movies he watches  . Anyway , an argument with such a person is a waste of time . Because he doesn’t just miss the morals , but also the knowledge about anything . And if you want to see how vulgar he is , see the comments on this post .

The terrorist

To be honest , I don’t remember the name of this person . All I could remember is that he has an avatar of a man carrying a heavy arsenal of guns and rocket launchers … etc . And it’s really funny how that they call us terrorists . Anyway , the argument I had with him was about this verse in Quran

21:30 Have not the ones who disbelieved see that heavens and Earth were a joined entity then we cleft them asunder and from water we made every living thing do not they believe

And his objection was that Earth did not exist during the big bang and therefore it is a critical mistake – Exalted is our lord from the claims of  such people –  And I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know the answer to his claim during that time . But now that I know , the answer is that only an ignorant would understand such a thing from the verse . It says that both heavens and Earth were one joined entity , and then the contents of that entity started parting away from each other . That , is very accurate according to the big bang . But the problem is that he was also a ribald one among the members of the swamp , not as vulgar as Abood , but still ribald .

The hypocrite , Yeezeevee

Among all the ones I saw on that forum , Yeezeevee was the most filthy . He had ZERO respect . He mocked and insulted every holy thing in Islam without any sign of feeling sorry . to those who can read Arabic well , you have the link below to see his saying with pictures as proof , and see his other friend جندل accusing me for being “Disrespectful” .

If you can’t , I’ll summarize what he did :

1 – He mocks me and tries to say ( I’m afraid for your safety because you live in Saudi Arabia , they might kill you if they know that you’re talking with a disbeliever ) to give a bad picture of Islam , but I’m not to be fooled by him

2 – I ask him why he objects for the marriage of lady Aisha to the prophet peace be upon him ( Refutation here  ) he says : ( Because its stupid and insane ) really ! such a scientific discussion you’re making !

3 – When I told him to watch his mouth , he saw that I did a huge crime ! of course , all that trash talk he makes with his friends is ok because it’s ( Freedom of speech ) but when I say ( Watch your words ) it is a crime !  All the crimes against Islam ( Burma for instance ) are freedom , but when we defend ourselves , it is a crime and we’re called terrorists ! And he simply said that I have three choices ( 1 – To surrender from the discussion 2 – To ask “Politely” to stop their trash talk 3 – To laugh at it ) And I see to you  , we’re not reptiles like you . We won’t laugh when a group of immodest individuals such as yourselves go on and insult our prophet , to a Muslim , it is a greater crime to insult his prophet than insulting his mother .

4 – He calls the writers of Hadith ( Who sacrificed their lives to keep the correct tellings of the prophet peace be upon him ) as morons ! Oh ! Where’s the politeness now ?!

5 – When I proved to him from Hadith that lady Aisha was happy with her marriage , he turned upside down and refused all Hadith ! And I SWEAR to you that you’ll find him attacking Islam through it later . It is the hypocrisy we are used to from the enemies of Islam .